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PHASE 4 - The Waxing Novile

KEYNOTE: Cultivation of nascent qualities and possibilities.

SCENARIO: Wholeness answers any authentic need. The eon seems to allow the survival of any truly needed and appropriate new quality of being, and allows it to eventually operate at a higher, more inclusive level of the cyclic process. Here the creative future revealed in the decile phase receives the nourishment it needs to begin growth into its own. Such growth is realized by the instinctual activities symbolized by the faster of the planetary pair as it works to develop new faculties, structures, and instrumentalities capable of giving form to the new Quality carried by the cyclic process.
      If the creative spirit is not accepted, consciously or unconsciously, conventional or habitual attitudes, patterns, and modus operandi may instead find nourishment. Yet here, as everywhere, spirit answers any sincere effort to respond to a futureward call.

DYNAMIC: During this the last of the early, subjective, phases the surface of the cyclic process may seem calm, yet strong undercurrents are building. The encounter in the decile phase with the option of "what to be" might have precipitated an active futureward or past-oriented attitude toward the functional activities represented by the planetary pair. In either instance, this is a phase of accelerated, yet still largely instinctual and spontaneous, growth and expansion leading to the first real encounter with the objective and social world and its restrictions. For now, nourishment and cultivation supports the rapidly expanding movement of differentiation while the growing process achieves substance and momentum.

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