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PHASE 11 - The Waxing BiSeptile

KEYNOTE: Creative will shapes the character of the future.

SCENARIO: Large issues have been faced, decisions made, and the direction set, either by active choice or by default. If this phase is met in a courageous, futureward spirit, a growing will tempers the actualizing new qualities of being unfolding through the cyclic process.
      Here seemingly mysterious agencies may intercede to protect the well-intended from disastrous consequences. Yet such protection comes at the cost of a temporary setback or time lost. Difficulties well met here may help steady the futureward direction of the cycle. Aspirants to the futureward path may need to avoid or escape the traps of self-delusion and megalomania opened wide by another remarkable series of seemingly cosmic affirmations.

DYNAMIC: Individuality rises as the power of differentiation and objectivity gain ascendancy, overpowering the principle of integration and the power of subjectivity. Yet the principle of unity now becomes internalized and potentially individualized while a mysterious sense of transcendent certainty is felt in the areas and activities represented by the planetary pair. Important issues, encounters, crises and decisions have been faced, for better or worse, now their ramifications surface.

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