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PHASE 23 - The Waning BiQuintile

KEYNOTE: A capacity and determination to plumb the depths of existence in search of significant experiences and underlying forces.

SCENARIO: Exposure to the objective world, and the expansion of social horizons and the new possibilities it brings, leads to a need to explore and understand the movement of forces operating beneath the surface of social and personal life. Self-reliance and the development of individual capacities are featured. But whereas the waxing biquintile saw the unfoldment of innate or organic faculties and capacities, the waning biquintile calls for the willful development of unique, individual capacities and the rise of technological knowledge and skills capable of extending innate faculties and capacities.
      When a pastward, separative attitude reigns, this phase carries the symbol of the individual attempting to stand alone against the greater whole, and, in another sense, the destructive, perverted use of knowledge and technology. When a mostly futureward and integrated attitude prevails, the individual dedicated to the actualization of the new qualities of being unfolding through the cycle now assumes the role of a creative participant within a social or universal order. But the force of individualism may still overtake the aspirant who takes too much pride in such a role and confuses his will with that of the cosmos.

DYNAMIC: The flood of possibilities shown in the previous phases now required a reality check, separating the fanciful and unattainable from what is realistic, possible, and needed within the context of the current cycle. What is needed now isn't more possibilities but a widening scope of meaning and understanding. As the universal principle of differentiation and the force of individuality ebbs, it becomes even more internalized in the individual who now a creative power in the cosmos, for better and for worse.

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