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PHASE 2 - The Waxing SemiSextile

KEYNOTE: Emerging from a condition of almost pure potentiality, the seed stirs.

SCENARIO: Stirred by a need to be, the seed must germinate and begin the long process of growth into its own. Images of how the new cycle may unfolded rise, but possibilities must be first brought into clear focus as attainable goals. Subjectivity is still high and the situation fluid, yet this phase brings the first intimation of the shape things could take, and it may provide an enticement to go on. There may be strong pulls from the past in the areas symbolized by the planetary pair, but it is important to turn vision futureward while resolving and coming to terms with feelings of frustration or resentment regarding past experiences. The emergent cycle isn't merely a bigger and better version of the past. It carries a transformative potential to operate at a higher, more inclusive level than its predecessor. A creative future awaits those with an open mind and a heart courageous enough to make it so.

DYNAMIC: The semisextile phase signals the mobilization and gradual expansion of the principles of multiplicity and differentiation. Awareness develops in the activities and functions symbolized by the planetary pair as the faster moving planet begins to develop instrumentalities required for future growth. While the conjunction saw the birth of an almost purely subjective power to be, this early and uncomplicated phase witnesses an urge to be.

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