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PHASE 17 - The Waxing TriSeptile

KEYNOTE: The recognition of a transcendent interplay of forces operating through and connecting all life-experience.

SCENARIO:The cosmic web reveals itself to the ardent aspirant embarking upon the ultimate quest. Those resolute to meet the call to fullness here experience a convincing sense of attunement with the eonic movement of the cyclic process.
      Regardless of whether the direction of the cyclic process is mostly pastward or mostly futureward, this phase brings an inner sense of finality and conclusion to the line of activity operating since the beginning of the cycle. If a futureward attitude is assumed, here temptations of self-glorification and solipsism may be encountered, as well as the supremely self-deceptive notion that the cosmos is ones to command. If the cycle has so far has been mostly past-oriented or largely unsuccessful, resentment may flare along with feelings that one is a victim of the cosmos rather than a creative participant within it. Yet the power of such feelings could be transmuted and used for a constructive new beginning.

DYNAMIC: The long development of mental powers and imagination, and the rising arc of individuality, have given rise to a self-reflective sense of individuality and a capacity to participate in the coming waning hemisphere of the cyclic process. The life-department represented by the planetary pair now bear the seal of cosmic attunement or karmic implications.

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