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PHASE 35 - The Waning Decile

KEYNOTE: A seed amid the harvest of the closing cycle carries the potential continuation of realized qualities and opportunities, and another chance for the redemption of past shortcomings.

SCENARIO: Now the future awaits, condensed in a seed carrying the potential to inspire a vibrant new cycle. If the opportunities and challenges of the closing cycle have been mostly neglected, the seed carries a mostly generic character, more or less preserving the pattern and character of the closing cycle. Yet the genius of the eon always provides new opportunities to neutralize the ghosts of the past in a new cycle born of its predecessor. In its highest reaches, this phase symbolizes seed-mutation and the possible continuation of the Unique through a new cycle.
      If a mostly futureward attitude has guided the closing cycle, the waning decile phase may reveal to the aspirant an outline of what the coming cycle may hold in the areas symbolized by the planetary pair. Or the aspirant may evoke an image of a future worth living for. If a mostly pastward attitude has controlled the course of the cycle, the phase may bring a sense of existential emptiness and alienated from the whole. The phase epitomizes of the best and the worst of the cycle.

DYNAMIC: As the force of integration and subjectively expands, the past (with its failures, successes and omissions) and the spirit of the future embrace in a seed condensing both in a single destiny. The Unique polarizes an efflux of the power of Wholeness in an act of seed-mutation, the ultimate creative activity of the cycle process.

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