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PHASE 15 - The Waxing BiQuintile

KEYNOTE: A capacity for self-sufficiency, assuring the fulfillment of unfolding qualities in the face of enduring forces of disintegration.

SCENARIO: With the momentum of the trioctile behind it, the sweep of the cycle now rushes toward the decisive opposition and its "parting of the ways." If new qualities of being have been allowed to mature and operate at a higher level of the cyclic process, here they become empowered to survive the pull of rebounding pastward forces guarding the way to the waning hemisphere of the cycle.
      If a definite effort was initiated during the previous phase to finally break the bondage of the past, this phase brings the means to do so. If development has been mostly futureward, rising individualism may introduce the possibility of a new type of failure. Yet at the truly human and existential level, new qualities of being require individuals to embody them if they are to be effective and fully actualized.

DYNAMIC: The development of mental faculties and imagination witnessed in previous phases now provide a capacity for formulating creative solutions to problems met along the culminating steps toward fulfillment. The areas and activities symbolized by the planetary pair feature the development of the inner resources and capacities required for actualization.

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