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PHASE 36 - The Waning SemiSextile

KEYNOTE: As the eon moves the cycle toward closure, its product is shown and evaluated for what it is.

SCENARIO: The end product of the closing cycle is exposed, its successes as well as its failures and partial failures. Nothing escapes the "last judgement" symbolized by this phase. Now everything is shown for what it truly is, warts and all. Time sees through all glamour; we can't hide from cycle's end. During this highly subjective phase, we may succeed in fooling ourselves, but regardless of how much one attempts to put up an attractive facade, in this closing phase the worth of everything is judged by how it meets the needs of the Whole. In the end, what matters most is that some seeds survive the cycle's close, carrying all of value gained in past cycles into a new cycle. In a sense, the time for outward creativity is in the past, and ahead in the next cycle. Although there may be much scrambling for position, this isn't a phase in which one can change much, expect one's self and one's attitude toward the past and toward the future. Indeed, now is the time to essentialize, to consolidate inner resources, and learn from the past, in preparation for the coming new cycle. Now creative imagination outlines new tommorrows, where imagination will be made real.
      Impending closure is not merely sensed but often welcomed during this final phase. Lines of possibility seem exhausted, the many variations on the theme played out. An unknown future promising new possibilities is far more welcomed than a hell of repetition. Understanding the causes of failure and inadequacy, wedded with a willingness to go on and try again, opens the way to fullness in the coming cycle. Yet fear of the unknown compels some to regard a repetition of the past as the only salvation, and cycle's end as an absolute termination of all possibilities, of all tomorrows, where success and failure become absolute and unalterable, if not predestined.

DYNAMIC:There may be a flurry of inner and outer activity in the areas symbolized by the planetary pair as the cycle's fruit plays fully through the social sphere. Such activity may be largely meaningless and could ultimately distract attention from a larger view, or it could be a meaningful prelude to a new tomorrow.

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