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PHASE 10 - The Waxing Square

KEYNOTE: Maturing new qualities demand freedom from the past and its compulsions.

SCENARIO: The direction of the rest of the cycle now hinges on a capacity for decisive action, enabling one to remain in tune with the futureward movement of the eon. The essential character and quality of how the process unfolds or fails to unfold through the remainder of the cycle is largely molded by the allegiances and patterns of action formulated and enacted during the previous phases and in this crucial phase of decisive action and subsequent stabilization.
      Here the two paths inherent in any cyclic process operating at a truly human level lead to a decisive struggle for ascendency between pastward and futureward forces. Its outcome largely decides whether (and to what degree) the cycle's activities and capacities courageously unfold mostly in tune with the needs of a creative future or are largely controlled and conditioned by the past and its ghosts. Either way, a stable basis for expanded activity is about to be established.

DYNAMIC: For a moment the principles of subjectivity and objectivity, of unity and multiplicity, are equal. But the process moves as the waxing square demands decision in the perhaps turbulent life-department represented by the planetary pair. Now individuality becomes a realizable potential as the principle of differentiation attains ascendancy; it is actualized when one courageously stands against the powerful torrents of the past and successfully resists the pull of collective psychism and ancient failures. Here the courage to meet crises of action and encounters with the tyranny of the old leads to an active and decisive break with the past. Yet one often does not realize the full magnitude and implication of such moments until their time has passed.

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