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PHASE 13 - The Waxing Trine

KEYNOTE: A promise of future fulfillment spurs determined activity.

SCENARIO: A view is open to what could be if the current cycle realizes fulfillment. It stimulates the growth and expansion of the qualities unfolding through the cyclic process along lines set in previous phases. Here the faculties of organization and planning developed during the preceding sextile and square phases are applied for the attainment of envisioned goals.
      If core issues and challenges surfaced during the waxing square were not earnestly faced, new light shed here may provide a better understanding of what is at stake. If a futureward attitude is assumed, patterns of over-indulgence, passivity, and laziness acquired during this (perhaps too easy) phase could render visions and plans into nothing more than elusive dreams. If feelings of inadequacy to meet the requirements of what is seen ahead rise, there may be temptations to settle for what is within easy reach.

DYNAMIC: With a larger picture of what is unfolding comes harmony and closer interaction with the functional activities symbolized by the planetary pair. The faster planet symbolically continues constructive work, yet such activity is becoming less instinctual, gradually more aware of its relationship with the slower of the pair and their larger work together. Here growing mental faculties and the power of imagination begin to play larger roles in the direction and development of the cyclic process.

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