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PHASE 21 - The Waning TriSeptile

KEYNOTE: Two spheres integrated by will and inclusiveness open the way for a release of transcendent power.

SCENARIO: The eon empowers ardent and steadfast aspirants who have to some degree harmonized and integrated within themselves the principles of unity and multiplicity, enabling them to act as creative agents in the eternal cyclic process. The glimmer of new possibilities opening in the objective and social spheres shown in the previous phase leads to an intuitive but undeniable sense of place and purpose within the world. Although one's unique place and purpose is not yet fully understood in all that it means and implies, a sense of destiny or individual uniqueness becomes a living power which seems to make possible whatever is needed for fuller understanding and the empowerment of the qualities unfolding through the cycle.
      If the course of the cyclic process is mostly futureward and repolarized, the spirit of a creative future seems to act through the activities and functions symbolized by the planetary pair, as if to affirm and empower . . . and to present opportunities to clear the path of karmic debris or personal obstacles. In instances of a pastward and devolutionary course, this phase may seem to bring fateful experiences and feelings of isolation and alienation, or opportunities to neutralize ancient karma and repolarize the cycle process.

DYNAMIC: Individual concerns and the force of individuality wane as social concerns and a movement toward essentialization waxes under the direction of the slower moving planet of the pair, as the faster moving body moves towards it. The first of the septile series following the opposition, this phase in some ways mirrors the waxing septile. Here cosmic attunement is not only sensed but realized as one begins to work consciously and creatively with transcendent forces.

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