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PHASE 19 - The Opposition

KEYNOTE: The efflorescence of qualities developed throughout the waxing hemicycle and their repolarization to a new level featuring the rise of intentional, shared, and purposeful activity.

SCENARIO: Up to now, the new qualities unfolding through the current cycle have marched toward fulfillment largely for its own sake, driven by an inwardly felt, subjective and compulsive need to be. New faculties and capabilities have been used to realize that goal of fulfillment. Now the flower enfolded in the seed of the conjunction is seen for what it is. Yet with it comes the realization that fulfillment alone is not enough.
      No cycle of relationship culminates at the opposition as a complete success or failure. Success and failure are matters of degree, yet it is usually mostly one or the other. Failed elements involving the areas, activities, and functions symbolized by the planetary pair now strongly contrast those which have modulated to a new level of operation. But tension produces power, which may be channeled either in a productive and integrative direction or in a destructive and disintegrative direction.
      If pastward forces dominate the cyclic process, the activities and functions symbolized by the planetary pair become gradually crystallized and opaque, casting a shadow or creating a vortex of negative energy in the personality. In such instances, the planetary functions may operate in a rigid or habitual manner, and instead of working together the two functions begin to move apart as the integration of the pair breaks down. Perpetuated by fear and denial, the areas symbolized may become the site of psychological problems and complexes. It still may be possible to turn the situation around during the waning hemicycle, but it is far more difficult here than in the waxing phases. Nevertheless, damage control may prove productive in the long run if it provides a constructive prelude to the next cycle.
      If the cyclic process has so far been mostly futureward and successful, illumination and rebirth may be experienced as a creative new beginning opens. It symbolizes a rebirth into objective, social participation within a larger sphere. Whereas the waxing hemisphere witnessed the development of faculties and capacities, and maturity into an established quality, the waning hemisphere should witness the rise of larger issues of meaning, purpose, understanding, and creative participation within a social whole. In another sense, while the waxing hemicycle focused on the organic development and eventual fulfillment of new qualities, faculties, and capacities, the waning hemicycle concerns the value, place, and purpose of such faculties and capacities within a larger, universal sphere.

What has been learned and experienced is now shared. And because self-assertion and the drive toward individualization are no longer mounting, a growing inward movement of integration calls for repolarization from ego and structure building activities to creative participation within the largest possible field of activity. Yet even if the cyclic process has been so far mostly successful, and the individual has liberated herself from the remains of the past and their compulsions, it is still possible to fall back on old ways and attempt to immortalize the moment and condition of fulfillment for its own sake.

DYNAMIC: Tension, mental clashes, and conflicting objectives may be featured in the life-department as the functions symbolized by the two planets either realize closer integration or begin a course of separation and divorce. As a "symbolic line of awareness" between the two hemispheres of the cyclic process, the opposition brings a new awareness of the objective and social realms, of self and other, of the individual and his unique contribution to the world at large. It is no longer enough to seek fulfillment for its own sake, now increased importance is placed on the universal context and ones place and purpose within it.

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