How to Best View and Use

CyberWorld Khaldea

CyberWorld Khaldea is designed and programmed to look and run best in Microsoft Internet Explorer 4.0 or higher. It is compatible with Netscape 4+. Netscape 6 is not recommanded.

Many of the features of CyberWorld Khaldea - such as the drop-down menu system and the controls for the 3,000 year online KhaldeaEphemeris - require JavaScript 1.2 and a browser version 4 or higher. Only an extremely small number of personal computers (very old units) going online fail to meet these requirements.

Additionally, CyberWorld Khaldea is designed to look best and operate under the following conditions:

  • Screen Resolution of 800x600.

  • 16-bit or 24-bit color.

  • The type font Verdana should be installed on your machine. Refer to the test below to determine if it’s currently installed.

  • Browser text size set at medium. Use Browser Menu - View»Font Size»Medium.

CyberWorld Khaldea implements DHTML, making use of Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) and JavaScript. If you are using IE 4.0 or higher, or Netscape 4.0 or higher, links are not displayed as underlined text. Instead, CyberWorld Khaldea presents links in a more typographically pleasing manner, highlighting them by font
weight and color.

Font Test - Most PCs running Windows95 or above, and Macintosh machines manufactured after 1994, come with Verdana already installed. Check the two lines of text below to determine if your system has Verdana installed.

This is a test of the TrueType font Verdana.

If the two lines above match, your machine has Verdana.
If not, go to Microsoft Typography for a free download.
Refer to the Frequently Asked Questions if you require further information.

Have questions regarding the colors, symbols and data used in the KhaldeaCalendar, in the KhaldeaEphemeris, or in the Khaldea2001+? Refer to the compreshensive Ephemeris Help, Calendar Help and Chart Help.

Click on for free download of latest version.
This site is designed to look best in
Microsoft Internet Explorer 5
and 800x600 screen resolution.

CyberWorld Khaldea is one of the many
websites which makes extensive use of the TrueType font Verdana.
If it is not installed on your system, get the free download
at Microsoft Typography.
Windows and Macintosh versions available.