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PHASE 1 - The Conjunction

KEYNOTE: The genius of the eon infuses a seed-Quality with a quantum of creative potentiality, setting a new cycle of actualization into motion.

SCENARIO: Born of the seed of the closing cycle, the newly emergent cycle carries a new quality of being, and a new set of possibilities and challenges. But the cycle of unfoldment is just beginning, its contents are as yet unrealized. Although the new quality of being ensouling the cycle has yet to reveal itself, has to yet assume a concrete presence, it is nevertheless present as an archetype, a seed-pattern, infused with the creative energy of the eon which eternally embraces cycle after cycle.
      A new cycle is always to some degree the child of its predecessor, and not just anything is possible through its unfoldment. It inherits and is conditioned by the fruits of the past cycle, and its flaws, failures, and shadows. Yet we live in an creative, open universe in which spirit answers need. Wholeness provides creative solutions to unprecedented problems and ceaselessly offers failure new opportunities to realize fullness.
      Because the cyclic process is essentially evolutionary and creative, at the level of individual and collective humanity two paths open as the cycle unfolds. One path is futureward, aspirants to it are in some manner attuned to the call of a creative tomorrow, while still grounded in the realities and necessities of the present and guided by an understanding of the past. The other is past-oriented, conditioned and controlled by the powerful inertia of the past and its crystallized patterns. And an inability to take a decisive step forward, or a desire to perpetuate the status quo, ultimately defaults to a repetition of past patterns and attitudes. Indeed, the experiential content of the entire cyclic process could be characterized as a struggle between the pull of the past and a movement toward a creative future, the intensity of which depends upon the relative magnitudes of the two forces during any particular phase. But here, at the conjunction, for a seed moment past meets future.

Any particular cycle produces a harvest of both success and failure. The purpose of a newly emergent cycle is to realize and bring into existential reality a higher, more inclusive quality of being and, while doing so, to provide creative solutions for past shortcomings. During the closing phases of the previous cycle, the creative spirit of the eon that moves the cyclic process through an eternal series of cycles condenses a futureward pattern of being into an archetypal "seed answer" in tune with the needs of the whole situation into which the new cycle will emerge. Now, in the moment which closes one cycle while opening another, the spirit of the eon infuses that seed with a power to be.
      While the activities and functions symbolized by the planetary pair forming the aspect is the focus of considerable attention, what is unfolding is still only sensed vaguely or subjectivity as an outline, and there may be a good deal of confusion and projection during this nascent phase. Responses are spontaneous and youthful, emphasizing and intensifying the essential nature of the planetary pair rather than exteriorizing an as yet almost entirely enfolded and unactualized new quality. Yet to some degree the individual (or transit moment) may exemplify the new possibilities symbolized by the conjunction.

DYNAMIC: The dynamic interplay between the principles of unity and multiplicity, potentiality and actuality, and subjectivity and objectivity structures any cyclic process. Here a seed-impulse of differentiation and objectivity is empowered to rise out of an oceanic condition of almost pure potentiality and subjectivity. As new set of potentialities is about to unfold within the sphere of activities and functions symbolized by the planetary pair. While unfolding, a vast range of experiences and encounters will be met. In a seed, the conjunction carries into the present a new quality, and with it new possibilities. But for now what has emerged is a power to be.

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