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PHASE 20 - The Waning QuadNovile

KEYNOTE: An open and unconditioned response to the possibility of relationship, inclusiveness, and togetherness.

SCENARIO: Rebirth into the objective world brings a glimmering of new possibilities in the realm of social interaction and participation. But such glimmerings are still youthful, enthusiastic, and undefined. Initially,the vastness of the larger community may seem overwhelming. It may still be unclear how the "me" sphere, and personal capacities and instrumentalities developed during the waxing hemicycle, best fit into the larger picture glimpsed here. For now it is enough to absorb and assimilate the ramifications of the opening of the "we" sphere as one cultivates a sense of community with others and the cosmos.
      If there was a failure to repolarize during the opposition, now begins the process of devolution in the areas symbolized by the planetary pair. If repolarization was mostly successful, the activities and functions symbolized by the planetary pair are provided with the experience and support they need to start developing the objective and communal components of the new qualities unfolding though the cyclic process. Yet in any instance, seeds of the illusion of separation, and exploitation of relationships for self-gratification, may be sown if one resists the rise of ingathering, communal forces experienced here.

DYNAMIC: The attitudes and values adapted here, in this first phase following entrance into the waning hemisphere, take hold and guide the course to the future.

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