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PHASE 5 - The Waxing Octile

KEYNOTE: Pushing forward and meeting restriction.

SCENARIO: Momentum and encounter. Emerging from the early phases of the cyclic process with the enthusiasm and subjectivity of youth, irrepressible expansion encounters the objective world and its constraints. The waxing octile carries the symbol of society confining individual action and expression while inculcating its traditional values, attitudes, and paradigms. Like impulsive youth frustrated by the strictures and prohibitions established and enforced by older generations, here the new Quality unfolding through the cyclic process faces the oppression of antiquated values and inadequate knowledge carried over from the previous cycle.
      Challenges to incorporate the essence of the past cycle while shedding outgrown ideals and modes of behavior may be met constructively in this phase, giving rise to effective action and dynamic interaction. Yet the shock of realizing that one's subjective ideals often do not match reality, and the sheer power of convention and tradition holds over members of a culture, may promote uncertainty and self-doubt (symbolized by a shadow element associated with the slower planet) or hesitancy (symbolized by the faster moving planet's inability to rise to the occasion).

DYNAMIC: This dynamic phase witnesses the rise of emotional power in the areas symbolized by the planetary pair. With it comes a poignant need to earnestly decide what to be, whether or not to accept the option first presented with the revelation of a new Quality of being during the decile phase and to act upon that decision. But if decision is delayed or avoided altogether a vicious circuit of fear, frustration, confusion and nagging inner conflict may take hold. Dramatically expanding activity acquires structure and focus as one experiences the complex of encounter, interaction, decision and its emotional impact.

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