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PHASE 29 - The Waning BiNovile

KEYNOTE: The refinement, deployment, and establishment of a new set of values and ideals which serve as a paragon for collective and individual living.

SCENARIO: Following the symbolic or actual "war of ideas" featured in the previous phase, an emergent paradigm is now being refined and established as the guiding force for a new way of living. In a sense this phase mirrors the waxing binovile, which saw nascent new qualities requiring a field of their own in order to reach fulfillment. Here realized qualities operating at a more inclusive level than during the previous cycles provide the basis for a new paradigm of living a paradigm in need of a new society to serve as a field upon which to cultivate a new social order and a new type of individual.
      If the direction of the cycle has been mostly pastward, and has not been successfully repolarization during the waning hemicycle, the devolutionary trend gains momentum, and with it a compelling urge to return to the values and ideas of an illusive past may take command of the life-department. In such instances, the activities and functions symbolized by the planetary pair may assume a rigid, crystallized, even militant, form. If the process has been mostly futureward and integrative, here the new paradigm and its values and ideals mature and flourish. Yet what flourishes may turn cancerous if not structured by the needs of the whole and disciplined by the highest values being realized through the cyclic process.

DYNAMIC: With the principle of integration and the power of subjectivity in ascendancy, shared values, ideals and experiences are nourished and given an opportunity to attain creative fullness. Yet whatever resists integration faces a downward spiral of disintegration.

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