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PHASE 6 - The Waxing Septile

KEYNOTE: A transcendent sense of affirmation realized in the endurance of a crisis of growth and its tests of allegiance.

SCENARIO: Unexpected and seemingly inexplicable happenings and realizations may visit those committed to actualizing the new Quality of being the eon offers. Coming out of an intense and perhaps stormy octile phase, the universe seems to intervene, affirming a creative future and illuminating the way to it with serendipity and seemingly chance encounters.
      When a creative future is welcomed, the waxing septile brings a sense of being in tune with one's destiny and the cosmos, of being at the right place at the right time. When a past-oriented stance is assumed, the phase may seem to act as fate administering unpleasant experiences in an attempt to realign the process futureward, or as divine intervention (or an unconscious effort) aborting dangerous lines of activity before they prove disastrous. Either way, shadows and residua of the past cycle may show themselves unexpectedly here, demanding to be dealt with.

DYNAMIC: Coming out of the octile, the momentum is high while differentiation, objectivity and substantiation increases. Creative tension and mysterious, seemingly fateful, elements may be seen in the dynamized activities and functions represented by the planetary pair. Confirmation of larger forces working behind the scenes may suddenly appear, as well as unexpected opportunities, possibilities, and realizations.

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