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Great Turning Points in Human Life.


by Dane Rudhyar

Here Rudhyar takes an indepth look at the cycles of the Moon and Saturn and "the wave pattern of human development based upon a 7-year and 14-year rhythm".
ADDED 31 December 2007.

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Great Turning Points in Human Life by Dane Rudhyar.

We all know that a human body goes through a pattern of changes during its life span; it grows up, matures and gradually loses its resilience and vital energy. Its organs — particularly its endocrine glands, which produce all-important hormones — undergo at times processes of readjustment; the harmonious and delicate balance of their activities becomes disturbed, then re-establishes (if all goes well) in a different way. Of these periods of organic and glandular readjustment, what we call adolescence and the "change of life" are the most frequently mentioned, for they have a quite obvious repercussion upon the emotional life and behavior of persons passing through them.

There are other turning points in the development of an individual which, though related to less-noticeable body changes, are nevertheless of profound importance in the unfoldment of character. One can define "character" in several ways. For the purpose of this article, I shall say that the word refers to a person's attitude toward his (or her) self (or individuality) in relation to the world at large, particularly in relation to the people with whom he (or she) is closely associated, either in kinship, friendship or business comradeship.

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