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Astrology and the Kinsey Report on Female Sexual Behavior by Dane Rudhyar.


Dane Rudhyar

First published over fifty years ago, The Kinsey Report on Female Sexual Behavior was one of the most read and important books of its time. Today, 11 November 2004, a new film on Dr. Kinsey and his works opens in theaters across the United States. In commemoration of Dr. Kinsey's work, we are pleased to bring you Rudhyar's 1954 article on Astrology and the Kinsey Report.

In this informative article which requires no prior knowledge of astrology, Rudhyar shows how sexual attitudes correspond with the 30-year cycle of Saturn, with the 20-year cycle of conjunctions between Jupiter and Saturn, as well as longer planetary cycles.

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Astrology and the Kinsey Report on Female Sexual Behavior by Dane Rudhyar.

The tremendous nation-wide publicity given freely to the Kinsey Report on women's sexual behavior is in itself a remarkable indication of the change which has taken place in the American mind concerning all matters related to sex. It is significant too, that Dr. Kinsey and his assistants could gather this type of intimate information from some 6000 women.

Sixty years ago this would have been, at best, extremely difficult; and the book itself, if published, would have been read only by relatively few people. They would have been people who had become acquainted with Freudian psychology, or the works of Kraft-Ebbing and Havelock Ellis dealing with ancient and modern sexual customs, sexual abnormalities and the sociological or psychological aspect of sexual behavior.

If I mentioned such periods of time as sixty and thirty years, it is because they coincide approximately, with the most important phases of the change so evident in the approach of the American man, and especially the American woman, toward sex.

Thirty years ago, the so-called Jazz Age was in full swing and "flaming youths" were shocking their parents and grandparents. Sixty years ago, in 1894, Dr. Breuer and Dr. Freud were finishing their "Studies in Hysteria" which became the prelude to Freud's psychoanalytical revolution.

The 30-year and 60-year periods are well-known to all astrological students, also a 45-year period which is most relevant to what I am discussing here. All these periods are related to a complete revolution of Saturn in the sky, which takes little less than 30 years.

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