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The Transition to the New Age
by Dane Rudhyar, 1969

First published under the title
Birth Patterns for
a New Humanity

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    Where Do We Stand Today?

    1. Three Centuries of Crisis
    2. Planetary Cycles
    3. Cycles of Relationship

    4. Stars, Constellations and Signs of the Zodiac
    5. From Buddha to Christ
    6. The Structure of the Piscean Age
    7. At the Gates of the New Age
    8. The Aquarius-Leo Age

    9. The Zodiacal Earth-Field
        Page 1
      Zodiacal Man and
       Geodetic Equivalents

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        Page 3
        Page 4
        Page 5
      The Geomorphic Approach
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      The Earth as
       an Organic Whole
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  10. As We Face the Future


The Zodiacal Earth-Field - 12

PISCES ZONE: from 11852' to 148 52'. The coastal region of California north of Santa Barbara, including the quite magical coast of Big Sur and Carmel leading to the San Francisco Bay region, belongs to this zone. The sand dunes just south of Pismo have a very psychic character; and, according to a theosophical group, The Temple of the People, they were parts of ancient Lemuria, as was much of the California coast further north. Mount Shasta, famous in occult lore as the seat of an ancient Brotherhood, is found in that Pisces zone (about 122 longitude) and so is Mount Hood near Portland. British Columbia and the eastern part of Alaska belongs to that zone also. Fairbanks, Alaska, is here the cusp city (14743'). Earthquakes in that region and the next one (Aquarius zone) nay indeed announce some important telluric upheavals. When I reached Southern California in 1920, the group with which I was associated had received prophecies of the rise of parts of the old Lemurian continent the eastern shores of which were supposed to be the series of islands off the coast of Santa Barbara. Such a rise would obviously produce huge tidal waves spreading over the lowlands of Southern California which may account for what Edgar Cayce announced. The theory of the slow, gradual shift of continents seems to me most logical and acceptable.

AQUARIUS ZONE: from 14852' to 17852' west longitude. The western part of Alaska, the Aleutian islands and our new State, Hawaii also the French Tahiti belong there. New lands may well emerge in this zone.

CAPRICORN ZONE: from 17852' west longitude to 15108' east longitude. This zone includes, in the north, the eastern part of Siberia and, in the south, that of Australia. Sidney is located at 15110'; Brisbane at 15302'. New Zealand is also part of that zone of longitude, and a number of islands.

SAGITTARIUS ZONE: from 15108' to 12108' east longitude. This encompasses the islands of Japan, Korea and Manchuria and part of Siberia in the north. New Guinea and the larger part of Australia in the south. Also the Philippines above the equator. The conquering and expansive spirit of the Japanese people, in war or in business, may be attuned to this Sagittarian Earth-vibration; and this region of Siberia may have an ever-growing importance.
      Thus we return to the Scorpio-Sagittarius cusp after having circumscribed the globe. In a certain sense, what we have done is to project the orbit of the Earth (ecliptic, or tropical zodiac) upon the globe of the Earth. We have projected the cosmic reality of our planet (its orbit being its place and function in the entire solar system) upon its biospheric reality. Our correlations had nothing to do with stars or constellations.

By permission of Leyla Rudhyar Hill
Copyright © 1969 by Dane Rudhyar
and Copyright © 2001 by Leyla Rudhyar Hill
All Rights Reserved.

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