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New Dynamics in Astrology

by Dane Rudhyar

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3. The Creative Release of Spirit
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Part Three:
The Creative Release of Spirit
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Change occurs within the whole. There are times when the force of individualization or personification pulls each part away from the others and tends to give it the character of a whole a character which, obviously, it never attains absolutely. Then there are times when the force of collectivization or group-integration pulls all the parts together, emphasizing in each the sense of their commonness of being, and the will to sacrifice their existence for the sake of the whole. But there are also two moments in every cycle however small the cycle may be when the two pulls become equal.
      In most cases, nothing happens as this equalization occurs, because the equilibrium reached lasts only a split-second and the momentum of the two forces carries them past the point of balance. Yet in a few instances a structure of consciousness has been built beforehand, which catches the flash that is released at the exact point of equilibrium. In that flash, the wholeness of the whole acts upon the part which had in readiness the structure of consciousness necessary to serve as a base for that action of the wholeness of the whole. This action is Spirit in operation. It is the creative factor.
      Individual and collective are in constant cyclic interplay in the realm of parts; and that interplay produces a kind of activity in which there is the inevitability and the compulsive fate which are born of the causal sequence of action and reaction. But in the activity in which the wholeness of the whole operates as creative Spirit, there is unpredictability and originality, and from it flows a sense of freedom.
      This creative activity of Spirit operates in every man who has built the instrumentality through which it can function. It operates in and through a particular person; yet it does not belong to that person. Its source is the wholeness of that whole in which human organisms "live and have their being"; and the whole is, primarily, Humanity. Every man moves within the sphere of Humanity; partly as an exemplar of generically and collectively human traits, partly as one struggling toward a state of individualized personality. The complementary tides of individualism and collectivism ever sway the myriads of men who, in their Root-origin as in their Seed-togetherness, constitute the "greater whole," Humanity. And the wholeness of that whole is "Man."
      Wherever the pulse of life is felt, there must be disequilibrium, conflict, strain and the experience of suffering. But there are those who have become, through their own efforts as "builders of personality" and through their understanding of cyclic rhythm, vehicles for the creative action of "Man." Because they have succeeded in taking advantage of moments of cyclic equilibrium, because they have been awake and ready when equinoctial gates opened, they have become identified with "Man."
      As there are cycles which take millions of years for their completion, so there are cycles which last only seconds of time and much less than a second. To him who can feel the rhythm of those infinitesimally small cycles, there are always and forever equinoxes. In and through him Spirit is released as an electrical alternative current which is Root and which is Seed which builds universes of form and releases conscious meanings, whence again shall be born new forms. He is Root and he is Seed, and so swiftly both, that time no longer exists. He has become at once both equinoxes. He has become at once the entire Zodiac. He is free. The wholeness of the Whole creates eternally through him in an everlasting act of Incarnation

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