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New Dynamics in Astrology

by Dane Rudhyar

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2. Twelve Phase of Human Experience
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3. The Creative Release of Spirit

Part Two:
Twelve Phases of Human Experience

CAPRICORN - Page 3 of 3

Why, however, must these Aquarian reformers feel so deeply dissatisfied with the status quo, so eager for transformation and revolution? Because within their depths of as yet unconscious being the newly awakened Day-force stirs. And the destruction of the old, which they may engineer, is but the operation of that "sword" which the Christ told us he came to bring: "not peace, but a sword." The Aquarian reformer follows the lead of the Capricornian seer. What he voices is indeed the power of a new human type born within the unconscious depths of the Empire, the power of submerged classes which, having been stirred by their masters into consciousness or into greed, are fated to rise.
      This new human type is the Christos, born at the winter solstice in the "manger" in the cradling deaths of unconscious mankind, hardly aware beyond animality. It is a new type of personality, a new type of home. Both will be completed only during the coming Cancer period, but they begin to take form within the motherly peace of the snow that covers the vast seed-potential of the earth. Just as society becomes eventually in its imperial State what was formed in seed in the conjugal embrace, likewise the individual personality in its glory can be traced to that seed which was sown at the apex of the once great Empire "among the sheep and the goats": the Christos-seed. That seed is the source of the Day-force. It is the well-spring of "living waters" of those "living waters" which will be poured abundantly from the urn of Aquarius, the Water-bearer.
      In Capricorn, the Christos-seed is almost entirely unnoticeable, so completely overwhelmed is the renascent Day-force by the vast structure built by the Night-force. It is to be seen only in the heart of the Capricornian Yogi or Seer; the recluse Hermit; the lonely Wanderer on the heights of snow-covered peaks; the solitary Individual, who, after having assimilated within the strong structure of his selfhood the total contents of the Collective Unconscious has become a "womb of human totality." In that "womb" which represents the fulfillment of an entire cycle of human expansion, he who has become a seed-man receives in utter consecration the New Life that comes from on high. Nine months have elapsed since prolific nature became impregnated by the Sun in Taurus. Nature is thus ready for the birthing of the New Type.
      This is the mystery that dwells within the unconscious depths of the noblest among natives of Capricorn. They bear within themselves a living seed; yet know not yet the meaning of that seed. And in despair of loneliness and frustration they seek forgetfulness in social activities, social sins and intoxicants. They crave power, yet power fails to satisfy and they know it. So they seek lust and eccentricities to soothe their emptiness. They are called "selfish," because they wear a mask. And they dare not let go of the mask, for fear they would have to see their social stature and their ambitions crumble while worshipping the new babe within their souls.
      A typical Capricornian was Woodrow Wilson whom intuitives have identified with the ancient Pharaoh Akh-na-ton, who was the first to promulgate in the Western world a transcendent monotheism, a new religion of the One God which he forced upon his unwilling people and which was destroyed after his death. Likewise Wilson attempted to force upon his people his lofty international idealism, his vision of united mankind. In the Egypt of the XIVth century B.C. religious monotheism represented the New Type of human consciousness. Today, the Federation of Humanity is the promise of, and foundation for the new Man. And a noble Capricorian, with all the faults and the loneliness of a Capricornian, attempted to bring to men the realization of that new birthing of Reality and failed because his people could not see above their inertia and their politicians. Now an Aquarian is taking up the burden of the New Life.
      In due time the New Life always wins. The new type of human being pierces through the crust of the decaying matter of what was once the powerful State erected by Caesar, as spring impels seeds to germinate after the Piscean deluge of equinoctial storms. The Christos always wins against Caesar. The Federation of Man must win over the imperial machines erected by power-groups using Sagrittarius energies machines and propaganda, tanks and fanaticism to crystallize their ambition. The cycle of life does not allow static fulfillment. Everything turns into its opposite. The wheel moves on everlastingly and the Day-force interplays with the Night-force in an ever-renewed drama which is life itself.

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and Copyright © 1970 by Dane Rudhyar
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