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Image copyright 2003 by Michael R. Meyer. Drawing by Dane Rudhyar

An outline and an evocation
by Leyla RaŽl


APPENDIX 1: Selected Poems
APPENDIX 11: Bibliography


As a philosopher, Rudhyar's intent has been to formulate, as inclusively as he could, a "new" frame of reference for understanding what it means to be human, especially in a time of crisis and potential transformation such as we are passing through today ó not to establish a dogma or "school" of philosophy per se. He has tried to formulate a set of evocative and consistent images enabling individuals who are ready, to take the next step in their evolution, as individuals, as members of the Euro-American culture, and as participants in the actualization of the human potential on the planet earth. In relation to the way human consciousness has developed during the two millennia of Western civilization, his work follows the precedent set by the founders of the six great Schools (darshanas) of Indian philosophies, and of other Asian systems having behavioral, psychological, and mental implications and applications: each system addressed the level of consciousness and the biopsychic needs of a particular race, type, or class of human beings and represented a practical, realistic way for them to reach the next possible evolutionary condition; each system and its practical applications was offered to persons ready and eager to transcend the limitations of the culture which had formed their minds and patterns of behavior.


For Rudhyar, the experience of change is the most fundamental of all human experiences. His philosophy and approach to psychology studies the way the experience of change gives rise to the awareness of repetitive changes, to the sense of time, and to the entitizing of repeated changes into persons and objects.
      The experience of repetitive changes leads to the awareness that time is cyclic ó that is, that it operates in units integrating a multiplicity of activities and events. The experience of repeated relations with the sources of changes gives rise to the realization of wholes in space ó both to the awareness of objective wholes to which the experiencer is related and to the experiencer's subjective realization of being a whole himself or herself. Space is the generalization and abstraction of this experience of relationship.

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