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New Dynamics in Astrology

by Dane Rudhyar

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2. Twelve Phase of Human Experience
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3. The Creative Release of Spirit

Part Two:
Twelve Phases of Human Experience

SCORPIO - Page 2 of 3

Sex as a gate to "cosmic consciousness" has been known throughout the ages. Rituals have been devised to canalize this transcendental urge and lead it to its appointed goal. The Hindu Tantras and some forms of Yoga stress such rituals. All the temples of antiquity have witnessed them and many Western societies have taught secretly practices which would lead to this merging of energies into a vaster reservoir of forces. Since the advent of Christianity the subject has been shrouded in mystery and this is not the place to discuss this essence of all "practical occultism" But the reality of the zodiacal Sign Scorpio can never be understood until one realizes that the sex-force in Scorpio is not to be considered as a progeny-building force, but as a means to reach liberation from the narrow limits of self; to reach an ecstasy in which the individual becomes more than himself.
      What does this "more" actually mean? The first concept such an ecstasy of union arouses in the consciousness is that of the "Soul-mate": the One and the Other merged into a transcendent union "ordained by Life or God since Creation began." This is the Romantic ideal of union an ideal which does not belong to the realm of Taurus and progeny-building mating, but which burns through Scorpio. It becomes entirely transcendent with the mystics who soar toward union with "the Beloved" Life, God, the Master, or whatever name is given to that mystic "Other" with whom and in whom self loses its boundaries and cosmic consciousness is reached.
      This however is only one aspect of that process of merging into a Greater Whole. The other is symbolized in Christianity by the union of the consecrated individual with the Church, the mystical Bride. Here we have the merging of the individual with the glorified community; a merging as poignantly intimate and emotionally fervent as the, most perfect union of bodies and feelings. To know that the community exists and to be eager to work for it is Libra's realization. But in Scorpio there must be identification. Scorpio is the symbol of sex as psychic identification, with no thought of physical progeny in fact, often in such a manner as to exclude the possibility of procreative results. In such psychic identification the Night-force triumphs and the spiritual reality of civilization is born.
      The home (Cancer) is built upon Taurus' procreative sex; but civilization (Capricorn) stems from Scorpio's social transformation of sex, via the mental generalizations and the social enthusiasms of Sagittarius. And here we touch upon the much discussed subject of culture versus civilization. Culture is rooted in the energies released in Taurus and in the Day-force; civilization in the energies released in Scorpio and in the Night-force. Culture deals with particulars; civilization, with universals. Culture is based on traditions which are conditioned by climate, geography and inheritance of biological factors handed down from generation to generation. Civilization is the result of the work of creative geniuses and leaders who have fecundated the minds of countless human beings with their vision and their understanding. While civilization develops in the Sagittarius phase of the life-cycle, it has its roots in Scorpio. It has its roots in the urge, strong in all leaders of mankind, to pour of themselves unceasingly into the vast matrix of humanity.
      That civilizing power is an aspect of the Scorpio type of sex, because it is born of the yearning to identify the self with the Greater Whole, humanity; to transcend oneself by fecundating society . . . and by being fecundated by divinity. That transcendent sexual activity bears a progeny; but it is a social progeny, a progeny of the spirit or the mind. And in that activity the Night-force operates, as, in Taurus, the Day-force sings through the fruitful mating of bodies.

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