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New Dynamics in Astrology

by Dane Rudhyar

Table of Contents

1. The Zodiac as a Dynamic Process
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2. Twelve Phase of Human Experience
3. The Creative Release of Spirit

Part One:
The Zodiac as a Dynamic Process
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Today the remarkable rise to public attention of modern psychology offers to astrologers an opportunity for reformulating completely astrology and its symbols. Astrology can be made into a language, not of the individual ego, but of the total human personality. And, in a world rent with conflicts and made meaningless by the passion for analysis and differentiation at all costs, astrology can appear once more as a technique enabling man to grasp the meaning of his experience as a whole: physiological and psychological experience, body and psyche, collective and individual. Without fear of persecution it is to be hoped astrology can use the old vitalistic symbols of ancient astrology, the images derived from the serial changes in the yearly vegetation and from man's experiences with the powers latent in his generic and bodily nature.
      These images are rich with the meaning of feelings and sensations common to all men since the dawn of civilization on earth. They are steeped in collective wisdom and organic instinct. They belong to the Root-nature of man, to "Man's common humanity," the foundation upon which the later-date individual achievements of a rational and over-intellectualized humanity are built. Without the sustaining power of that Root foundation man must ever collapse and Disintegrate. And the very spectacle of such a collapse and disintegration is before our eyes in these dark days of mankind days nevertheless pregnant with the seed of a new integration of human experience.
      It is the purpose of this book to integrate in a brief and suggestive, rather than exhaustive and didactic, manner the ancient symbolism of the Zodiac with the basic images and concepts which have been produced of late, especially by progressive psychologists. Our hope in so doing is that men may be helped to meet more consciously and as a whole the integral experience born of our stressful civilization. They can do so, particularly if they cease to think in terms of static categories and set systems, in terms of entities being either one thing or another; if they begin to face the universe of their experience with other men and all living things as a "greater whole" in which they are ready to participate; if they succeed in having the vision of an integrating and integral evolutionary Purpose in which they may fit their lives jig-sawed by the meaningless ambition of being different at all costs.

By permission of Leyla Rudhyar Hill
Copyright © 1943 by David McKay Company
and Copyright © 1970 by Dane Rudhyar
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