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New Dynamics in Astrology

by Dane Rudhyar

Table of Contents

1. The Zodiac as a Dynamic Process
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2. Twelve Phase of Human Experience
3. The Creative Release of Spirit

Part One:
The Zodiac as a Dynamic Process
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The Day-force and the Night-force
One cannot understand significantly the beginning of any cycle unless one knows the general meaning of the whole cycle. By the very definition of the term "cycle," the beginning of a cycle marks also the end of the preceding one. Beginning is conditioned by end, as the new vegetation is conditioned by the seeds which were the product of the preceding yearly growth. To know the general meaning of a cycle is to know the nature of the two basic forces which are at play throughout its course. We must therefore define, first of all, the characteristics of the Day-force and the Night-force; and our definitions will center around concepts of a psychological nature, because it is the purpose of this book to establish astrological factors at the new level at which modern man is now consciously and deliberately operating: the psycho-mental level.
      The Day-force is a personalizing energy. It forces ideas, spiritual entities, abstractions into concrete and particular actuality. It energizes the "descent of spirit into a body" to use a familiar, though dangerous, terminology. Thus it begins to grow in power at Christmas, symbol of spiritual Incarnation; but becomes only clearly visible in Aries, symbol of germination and in man, of adolescence. It is fulfilled in Cancer, symbol of "coming of age" and of personal fulfillment through marriage and home-responsibilities. The natural result of the action of the Day-force is the stressing of that individual uniqueness of human being which is known today as "personality."
      The Night-force is an in-gathering energy. It brings personalities together. First, in Cancer (the home) it integrates a man and a woman; in Leo, it adds the child; in Virgo, the servants, nurses, educators. But integration becomes public only in Libra, the symbol of social activity, of group activity toward the building of a cultural and spiritual community. With Scorpio, business and political enterprises flourish; with Sagittarius, philosophy, printing, long journeys. The Night-force reaches its apex of power with Capricorn, symbol of the State the organized social whole. The natural result of the action of the Night-force is to emphasize all values related to "society."

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