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Sex and Countersex by Dane Rudhyar.

Dane Rudhyar

In this fascinating article. which requires no prior knowledge of astrology, Rudhyar discusses astrology and human sexuality in a new way - Saturn in a woman's chart is shown to symbolizes her countersexual nature, while natal Jupiter represents a man's countersexual nature. Rudhyar also discusses how one's birth-chart reveals one's "mate-type," as well as showing how the character of one's significant relationships with the opposite sex can be symbolized by the planets the Moon conjoins after birth. From 1958.

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Sex and Countersex by Dane Rudhyar.

Did you know that all men and women have inherent countersexual polarities?

It is a well-known fact that any human embryo up to about the third month of its prenatal development contains in the same stage of growth the rudiments of both the male and female sex organs.

Progressively one of the two sets of organs become more differentiated and developed; the others slowly atrophy. The baby is finally born, either male or female. Nevertheless the structural differentiation of the body is not absolute. The male body still retains traces of those original cells which might have become full-grown female organs.

Often at birth the predominant sex has not developed to the point where a doctor can tell whether a boy or girl child has been born. It is as if both sexual polarities were equally possible up to a certain phase of prenatal growth. Then a kind of "choice" was made; one polarity externalized itself definitely in the building of, say, the male structures.

But what happened to the other, the female polarity? Modern psychology tells us that it developed inward, that is at the psychic level. Or we might say, to use a modern analogy, it "goes underground;" not losing thereby its potential strength, but changing the field of its activity and its influence almost entirely.

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