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A Birth-Chart for the USA
by Dane Rudhyar, 1974


Table of Contents

Two Hundred Years of Growth Through Crisis
- 10

The foregoing survey of planetary transits around the U.S. birth chart is sketchy and incomplete but it should be sufficient to reveal the kinds of indications that can be obtained. In any case, it is a necessary prelude to a discussion of the present situation confronting the American people. But before we come to this, and to the crucial period following the 1965 turning point, we should outline another type of astrological approach to the realities of the American situation. The United States is not only a collective person whose "birth cry" can be symbolized by the Declaration of Independence, it is also a sociopolitical organism structured by a Constitution with a very definite philosophy of government based on Anglo-Saxon tradition and polarized by the social and economic conditions that prevailed during the period following the War of Independence.
      We have seen that these two documents, the Declaration of Independence and the United States Constitution, differ both in their essential purposes and in their implications. They represent two levels of intent and consciousness. The first is idealistic and moralistic; the second realistic and the result of compromises. Each has had its part to play in the historical process of actualization of the vast potentialities inherent not only in the people who came to consider themselves Americans, but in the land, the resources and the geographical situation of the American continent. In the next chapter I shall discuss an astrological chart which can be considered a symbol of the U.S. Government, and I shall very briefly outline the evolution of this chart up to the present time.

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