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A Birth-Chart for the USA
by Dane Rudhyar, 1974


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A Birth Chart for the United States of America
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The position of the Moon in the U.S. chart on the 28th degree of Aquarius is also significant, not; only when we think of the physical beginnings of this nation, but also when we consider the amazing growth of the concept of "insurance" and of the business related to it. The symbol for this degree is a tree felled and sawed to ensure a supply of wood for the winter. The realization, born of experience, that one should prepare to meet harsh eventualities has become a most important part of the American way of life. It originated in the preparation for cold winters necessary to ensure survival in the colonies of the Northeast, and it remained with the hardy pioneers who conquered the West against many odds.
      Because the Moon is located in the second House, the factors of money and the care of possessions have proven basic in a way of life which stresses individualism and the need for everybody to fend for himself and accept physical risks and responsibilities. The location of the Moon 'in the second House (when the Campanus system of House determination is used) can also be referred to the ever-growing financial influence of women in America. As this Moon forms a trine with Mars and Venus (and especially with their midpoint), one could correlate the situation with the traditional practice of giving very substantial alimony to a divorced woman the seventh House referring to divorce and overt enemies as well as to marriage and productive partnerships.
      The Moon forms a sesquiquadrate (135) aspect to Saturn and suggests that women need to use dynamic methods in order to be allowed to participate in the executive power, now still mostly reserved to men. A very wide square aspect of the Moon to Uranus could indicate the struggle of labor for higher wages or the need for women to compete with men in the labor market.
      The Sun's position in the seventh House, which refers to all matters of relationship involving full-fledged members of a community and having a productive, socially oriented character, is emphasized by the presence of Jupiter and Venus in conjunction in the early part of the sign, Cancer, and of Mars on the 22nd degree of Gemini. This planetary grouping of four planets within an area limited by the semi-square aspect of Uranus to Mercury is highly significant. It shows that the fulfillment of America's "mission of destiny" requires a strong focusing on all seventh House matters matters of interpersonal relationships geared to collective national enterprises. The reason why in astrological tradition the seventh House refers to "marriage," while the fifth House relates to "love affairs," is that marriage has always been primarily concerned with what a human couple could produce children and sociocultural products that would bring value to the community. "Love affairs," on the other hand, were considered the purely private, if not asocial, coming together of a man and woman on a temporary and socially nonproductive basis. In the seventh House a person is told what he is expected to bring to society, in cooperating with other persons on a more or less permanent basis; and what is begun in the seventh House should at least theoretically be oriented toward the Mid Heaven and toward the tenth House toward the person's participation in the greater whole represented by his community, his nation, and eventually mankind as a whole.
      The emphasis being placed upon the seventh House in the U.S. chart with a Sagittarian Ascendant is typical of a nation in which contracts, associations of all types, installment-plan purchases and mortgages are manifestations of a way of life stressing relationship and trust. Ours is an "open" society based on expansion through cooperative activities and credit, and this implies a fundamental belief in the future of mankind and a willingness to accept the risks implied in partnership.

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