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A Birth-Chart for the USA
by Dane Rudhyar, 1974


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A Birth Chart for the United States of America
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Advocates of a Gemini-rising U.S. chart have placed much reliance on the fact that in it the Aquarian Moon is in the tenth House which in national charts refers to the Executive and they relate this to the new role that some women came to play in America. But in fact until very recently no women had performed a real public function in or around the White House. Women have been more important here in the education of children than they have been in other countries, but they have been discriminated against in all other fields except as secretaries and typists not a tenth House occupation.
      If the Moon in the U.S. chart is made to represent "the general public," we could admit that there were some attempts made during the nineteenth century to implement a truly "popular" democracy, yet actual power has always remained in the hands of the wealthy classes and, later on, of huge corporations. A large section of the general public has been allowed to take part superficially in the distribution of wealth through the ownership of stock in corporations, but owning a fraction of the stock of a company, or casting a ballot in elections which are powerfully influenced by money interests and the media, does not mean being a decisive force in affairs of the executive department in business and politics.
      In the Sagittarius-rising chart calculated with Campanus Cusps, the Moon of the United States is located in the second House, which deals with a person's approach to the use and management of his own possessions. It represents in that chart the obsession of American people with money, the rapid circulation of that money and because of the Moon's trine aspect (120) with Mars and Venus in the seventh House of partnership (exchange and installment buying) the tendency to live beyond one's means in order to impress associates and to satisfy the characteristically American trait of self-indulgence in material wealth and comfort.
      The position of Saturn in the tenth House of the Sagittarius-rising chart is one of the most convincing indications of the validity of this chart. Thomas Paine wrote: "In America, the law is king." This might not be true in everyday practice, but the place occupied by the Constitution in the political life of America certainly is unique. It parallels the worship of "the Book" in religious life. A Constitution is a Saturnian factor, because it binds and limits the centrifugal activities of ambitious individuals and groups and sets more or less strictly defined boundaries to the political process. This, however, slows down or altogether hinders making the changes that may be required to successfully deal with a radically transformed society. Saturn in the tenth House is also a potent symbol of the paternalistic attitude of "the Great White Father" in Washington, for in a natal chart that planet refers to the personal character of the father, or rather in Jungian terms of the father image. It also represents what today we call "the Establishment."
      The very strong square aspect formed by the Sun and Saturn in the U.S. chart may be an indication of the fact that a number of Presidents have died in office. More basically, because the Sun is in the House dealing with relationship and marriage, this square shows the influence of Puritanism and of an official reverence for the law upon what otherwise would have been a, tendency toward unbridled expansion and permissiveness in human association. This Saturnian influence has recently been attacked by the transit of Neptune (1948-1949), then Uranus (1971-1972); and in 1977-1978 Pluto will also cross the degree of the zodiac (Libra 1448') on which Saturn stood on July 4, 1776. It seems evident that the present struggle for power in our government will not soon be over, and Pluto's transit may correlate with some basic change in the Executive Branch, which the tenth House represents.

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