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A Birth-Chart for the USA
by Dane Rudhyar, 1974


Table of Contents

A Birth Chart for the United States of America
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This is not the place for a detailed study of the U.S. birth chart cast for 5h 13' 55" , July 4, 1776, at Philadelphia, but I will discuss most of its significant features. My interpretation will also be compared with the more generally accepted one derived from the chart with Gemini Ascendant. And I will also discuss the change in the chart gestalt that occurs with the discovery and addition of Neptune and Pluto a point which many astrologers fail to take into consideration. The transits of the planets in relation to the U.S. birth chart should also be mentioned, for, as I see it, these are quite revealing.

A Chart for the United States of America
4 July 1776, 5h, 13' 55" PM at Philadelphia.
(Progressed positions of the planets for January 1, 1975).

The Four Angles
In a birth chart considered from the point of view of a truly "person-centered" astrology, the cross formed by the natal horizon and the meridian should reveal the essential individuality of the person for whom it is cast. The Sun and its position in the tropical zodiac (a twelve-fold division of the Earth's orbit) refers to the fundamental character or quality of the life-energies operating in the biopsychic organism; the planets represent the basic functional activities operating within the field of the person's total being. It is the cross of the horizon and the meridian that indicates a person's strictly individual character, what he is born for, and the four-fold way in which he orients himself to his social and cosmic environment: through direct intuitive self-realization (his self-image), through his basic feelings, through the way he approaches, perceives and responds to whatever he sees, hears and touches, and through the way he thinks and, reflecting upon his personal experience, organizes his activity in terms of what he can get from and give to his community or nation.
      These four ways refer respectively to the natal Ascendant, the Imum Coeli (cusp of the fourth House), the Descendant and the Mid Heaven. These are the four Angles of the chart. Their zodiacal position depends upon the exact moment of the first breath. We already saw what I consider this symbolical moment to have been for the United States: the vote on the Declaration of Independence. The time of the vote, which I assume to have been 5 P.M. plus 13 minutes and 55 seconds, gives the 14th degree of Sagittarius as the chart's Ascendant, and the third degree of Libra as the Mid Heaven. The two other Angles are the opposite zodiacal points, as they must always be. If the chart accurately describes the birth-potential and essential individuality of the American people as a collective person, these four degrees of the zodiac should be most significant and revealing. I believe they are.

By permission of Leyla Rudhyar Hill
Copyright © 1974 by Dane Rudhyar
and Copyright © 2001 by Leyla Rudhyar Hill
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