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A Birth-Chart for the USA
by Dane Rudhyar, 1974


Table of Contents

America's Place in the Cosmic Process
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The planetary and cosmic picture presented in the preceding pages should enable us to see the place that the birth of the United States of America occupies in the development of Western civilization. The new sociopolitical organism, which in 1776 emerged as a new type of collective person, had a specific character and destiny just because of the place and time in which it was born and in which it declared its identity and purpose to the world (at that time essentially Western Europe). It was born on a sparsely populated continent whose natural resources were untouched; and it began to act at a time when a great precessional Age was soon to reach its seed period, a transitional phase which, after three centuries, would lead to the much-heralded Aquarian Age. This place and time made the United States an ideal field for the development of a new type of men, women and children.
      The special character of the Aquarian Age also made it necessary for new kinds of energies to be released, the use of which would enable all human beings to become aware of their existence and to relate to each other through new means of communication. This in turn required the development of new intellectual capacities and also of an inner restlessness produced by the dynamism of unresolved tensions. These tensions would be provided by the differences between the racial, cultural and religious characteristics of millions of immigrants from different nations, and also by the conflict arising ceaselessly from the struggle between new ideals and old traditions determined to perpetuate themselves.
      All these factors have made the United States the kind of collective person it is. It entered the community of nations at the very time it was most needed, and the intellectual background and spiritual vision that were required for the role it had to play were made available. The long trine aspect of Neptune and Pluto referring to this availability followed the opposition of these two planets in the seventeenth century the "Classical" century of French formalism (Versailles) and of a peculiar English revolution. That opposition was the apex of the cycle which had begun with the Humanist movement challenging the power of the medieval Church, and which soon was to lead to the "discovery" of America by Columbus.
      The stage was set. A few great minds and men of courage and integrity played their roles, setting in vibration the collective mind of an inchoate mass of immigrants. But that emotional and devotional type of mind, and the temperament of aristocratic and religious men and women who, when it came to practical everyday urges and egocentric ambition, could not resonate to the call for transformation, were not able or willing to follow the few inspired leaders sensitive to what the trine of Neptune and Pluto had symbolized.
      The Industrial Revolution, by releasing enormous power which men of wealth and daring were able to corner for their selfish advantage, created social changes that coincided with the actual beginning of the seed period of the Piscean Age. A seed period is a period during which the past cycle reaches a focalized state of condensation and integration. The craving for gold which had urged the Spanish conquistadors to ruthlessly despoil and murder Central and South American people repeated itself in different circumstances and a somewhat altered manner in the gold rush of the 1840's and the destruction of Indian tribes. Power corrupts. Success at the material level can mean spiritual failure.
      The cycles move on regardless of what human beings do as the cosmic clock ticks its successive decades. Karma calls for its due. Opportunities are lost and sometimes regained by the efforts of sacrificial individuals in and through whom the destiny of America strives to readjust life-situations and to reestablish the so often clouded and seemingly lost vision. This destiny retains its fundamental structure and purpose. It is not only an ideal manifestation of the vision that might have been fully actualized; it also takes into consideration the karmic legacy of some ancient past and the state of human evolution at the time of birth.
      We may get a deeper as well as a more concrete understanding of what this destiny implies when we study the birth chart of the United States as a collective person uttering its first cry in its Declaration of Independence.

By permission of Leyla Rudhyar Hill
Copyright © 1974 by Dane Rudhyar
and Copyright © 2001 by Leyla Rudhyar Hill
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