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Evening Star Retrogade

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Lasting only 21 days, during the Evening Star retrograde period of Venus and the Sun toward each other in zodiac - from opposite directions.

Venus Hesperus retrograde types are often diligent workers, especially in creative fields, and they often find themselves intensely involved with, and often icons of, the avant-garde and social movements of their time.

Men born during the Venus Evening Star retrograde phase include poet Alfred de Musset, abstract painter Wassily Kandinsky, and musician/artist Graham Nash.

Women born during the Venus Evening Star retrograde phase include vocalist Nancy Sinatra, dancer Mata Hari, and social activist Annie Besant.

The retrograde station of Venus commences the concluding phase of the 584-day cycle of Venus. Lasting only 21 days, during the Evening Star retrograde period of Venus and the Sun toward each other in zodiac - from opposite directions.
      In astrological symbolism, the final phase of the cyclic relationship between Venus and the Sun - as seen and experienced from our geocentric perspective - represents the essentialization and internalization of the experiential contents of the entire cycle. The new set of values, ideals, goals and incentives released at the beginning of the cycle are now integrated into a large tradition, and formulated as enduring new forms which, while new, remain faithful to fundamental values - artistic, religious, metaphysical, scientific or national.
      If you are one of the very few born during Venus' Evening Star retrograde phase, self-expression for its own sake is not enough. For you, your work and your creative outlets must have an enduring social value. Though you tend to be outwardly reserved in your social relationships, you are passionate about your ideals and goals . . . and in your intimate relationships.
      Venus Hesperus retrograde types are often diligent workers, especially in creative fields, and they often find themselves intensely involved with, and often icons of, the avant-garde and social movements of their time. Highly dedicated, they possess a large capacity for self-sacrifice. Yet their true natures are often misunderstood by others who are unable to see the breadth and depth of their emotions, ideals, motives and goals.

"How glorious it is, but how painful it is also, to be exceptional in this world!" So wrote poet, writer and dramatist Alfred de Musset in his 1842 work La Merle Blanc. A leading figure in the Romantic Movement of the early-nineteenth century, Alfred de Musset was born two days after the retrograde station of Venus, with Venus situated in mid-Capricorn in the twelfth house. Significantly, there was a Sun-Saturn conjunction and a superior conjunction of the Sun and Mercury less than two days before his birth.
      In de Musset's natal horoscope, the Sun, Saturn and Mercury are in Sagittarius and seen in the eleventh house of associations, friendship and aspiration, with Saturn rising a degree before the Sun (it is therefore the planet of oriental appearance), and Mercury rises a degree after the Sun. The triple conjunction is opposite a fifth house Gemini Moon, while also forming bi-septiles to Jupiter retrograde on the third house cusp, squares to a first house Pluto, and sextiles to Mars in the seventh house of relationship. Neptune is elevated in the tenth house Sagittarius, near the Midheaven, an appropriate symbol for a poet and dramatist. Alfred de Musset was the first modern dramatist of the French language. He was a talented creator of multidimensional female characters, he wrote of love from the depths of experience and integrated classical clarity and purity of form with the passionate subjectivity characteristic of Romanticism. Alfred de Musset was at the center of the Romantic Movement and was an early lover of novelist and liberated woman, George Sand.
      Vocalist Nancy Sinatra was also born a few days after the retrograde station of Venus. Her birthchart features five planets in the twelfth house, including a conjunction of Venus stationary retrograde with Mars and the Moon. Other than the conjunction, the only aspect to Venus is a septile to Uranus in the eleventh house. Neptune stands alone, below the horizon near the third house cusp.

In the birth chart of a man, Venus Evening Star retrograde often indicates a high degree of artistry, and a tempered and disciplined approach to work. de Musset showed a careful appoach in his creative work, though not particularly so in his personal life. Other careful and successful male artists born during the Venus Evening Star retrograde phase include abstract artist Wassily Kandinsky and musician/artist Graham Nash.
      The premier abstract artist of the twentieth century, Wassily Kandinsky, was born midway though the Venus Evening Star retrograde phase. Venus rises twelve degrees after the Sun, and it is conjunct Mercury retrograde, which rises three degrees earlier. The three bodies are in the first house Sagittarius. Saturn in Scorpio is on the Ascendant, opposite Pluto. Kandinsky's art, though thoroughly revolutionary, entirely abstract and non-representational, was the product of an utterly systemic approach which grew, in part, out of Kandinsky's study of Blavatsky's The Secret Doctrine. In Kandinsky's work, every primitive - point, line, curve - every color, every geometric form has a place and meaning according to they system of his devise. A highly Saturnian approach, but also an approach which aimed at integrating new forms with traditional values, creating a new approach of lasting value - particularly in view that both Venus and Mercury were approaching the conclusion of their cycles of relationship with the Sun at his birth.
      Graham Nash, member of the super-group Crosby, Stills and Nash, was born at the very close of a Venus cycle, less than a day before an inferior conjunction. In his birthchart the Sun-Venus conjunction is situated in the third house Aquarius, near the Nadir. Mercury, retrograde in the forth house Aquarius, rises about thirteen degrees behind the conjunction, and the three oppose a Leo Moon in the tenth house very near the Midheaven. Neptune is in the eleventh house and there is a stellium of four planets in the seventh house - including Mars, Saturn, Uranus and Jupiter, the latter two being retrograde. The Moon-Mercury opposition forms a T-square with Saturn and Uranus at the apex. Nash brought to the group he formed with Stephen Stills and David Crosby a disciplined professionalism, an attention to traditional musical values, and a vocal polish needed to leverage the group to super-stardom. In addition to being a musician and talented songwriter, Nash is a photographer, artist and social activist.

For a woman, Venus Evening Star retrograde is often more difficult and stressful than for a man, and social and cultural factors may contribute more to it than anything inherently female. Additionally, this Venus type seems to manifest in the form of self-sacrifice and renunciation more frequently for women than for men. Yet, this too may have more to do with "sexual politics" than with anything inherently female.
      Dancer and double-agent, Mata Hari was also born midway between the retrograde station of Venus and the inferior conjunction. Her natal horoscope features the Sun and Venus in the ninth house, Cancer. Significantly and revealing, Mars rises just one degree after Venus retrograde and the two are very near the Midheaven. The Venus-Mars pair are opposite the Moon in Capricorn near the Nadir - a difficult, but very powerful, set-up for a woman! Equally revealing, Jupiter is retrograde in the first house Scorpio, suggesting a predisposition to self-sacrifice and involvement in social causes - perhaps deeply rooted in a need to compensate. Jupiter trines the Sun, Venus and Mars, opposes Pluto in the seventh house, squares Uranus in the tenth, and sextiles the Moon. Saturn is retrogade in the fifth house. A double agent for the allies during WWI, Mata Hari's motives and intrigues were too deep for the French to appreciate.
      The classic example of Venus retrograde, Annie Besant, was a remarkably ascetic and influential woman. In the 20th century she was known not only as the adopted mother of J. Krishnamurti, but also as the leader of a very large, international theosophical organization and a leading figure in the early struggle for Indian independence. Her horoscope features a sixth house Venus rising three degrees behind the Sun in the sixth house, Libra. Venus is also conjunct the north lunar node and involved in a T-square with the Moon and Uranus. One of the most famous and infamous women in Britain, Besant was a feminist and a strike leader, an early advocate of birth-control (a Venus retrograde symbol because it goes "against the grain" of natural biological imperatives and traditional female gender roles), a lover of George Bernard Shaw and a large figure in the Fabian Movement.

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