The Planets and Their Symbols
The presentation that follows is meant to facilitate a personal understanding of the core principles and essential meanings of the astrological planets. Memorized fragments or tidbits gleaned from astrological cookbooks can take you only so far, and they seldom explain how and why their interpretations suit any given astrological factor. Throughout this volume, the focus is on helping you directly understand and internalize the principles at the foundation of astrology, so you can meaningfully apply them in any situation.
      Keeping things essential actually makes it easier for you to see the connections between the many attributes and qualities assigned to each planet. In addition to modern, humanistic interpretations, most of a planetís traditional attributes are also provided on the following pages, was well as the people, places and things which traditionally corresponds with each planet.
      A few words regarding how a planetís significance differs for men and for women is given in most instances. Generally, the tones of meaning attributed to the Sun, Moon, Venus, Mars and Saturn shift the most according to gender context. When appropriate, insights are also given on how to interpret a planetís significance when its motion is retrograde. Gender and retrograde shadings, however, are not provided here for Uranus, Neptune and Pluto because their general significance is more generational than individual. Gender shading become significant for these three planets only when they are viewed in context of the horoscope as a whole.

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