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New Dynamics in Astrology

by Dane Rudhyar

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2. Twelve Phase of Human Experience
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3. The Creative Release of Spirit

Part Two:
Twelve Phases of Human Experience

LIBRA - Page 2 of 3

Libra and Aries are signs of unstable equilibrium. In them the Day and Night forces are nearly balanced. Thus the tendency to restlessness, nervousness and often neurotic behavior is often present. In Libra, the person wants consciously to be social, impersonal, spiritual, rich in his dealings with his coworkers; yet subconsciously he seems, at least to himself, to fall always short of the mark he has set as his ideal goal, and the goal seems ever elusive. Thus be easily experiences fits of despondency, followed by over-zealousness in social work and group-participation. He is ever on the lookout for the ideal group, the ideal form of cooperation. All human relationships seem to him solemn and extremely serious. But he pours himself so intently in them that he may miss the reality by straining himself after the ideal. He may crush the trees in his passionate love for the integrity of the forest.
      Yet, at his best, the Libra type is an excellent manager of group activities, a wonderful harmonizer and integrator the more so perhaps, the more he feels un-sure of his own integration. Group-harmony, happiness and idealism in human relationships are matters of life and death for him. Controversies and intercinal strife upset his nervous balance to the point of complete psychic exhaustion. He has not reached the point where he can thrive on diplomatic intrigues and political schemes, as the Capricorn type does. In Capricorn the social sense is as set and steady as the sense of personality is set in Cancer. But in Libra and Aries respectively nothing is yet set. Society and Personality are in the making. Things are just taking shape; so there can hardly be as yet complete ease just because inadequacy and reversal to past attitudes must appear as appalling tragedies.
      Thus the need for a powerful idealism whenever the Libra type is evolved enough to be really conscious of the social process. Just as the Aries type seeks a Superman or Master upon whom he could lay the at times insuperable burden of his as yet unsteady personality, so the Libra type pursues his quest for an ideal group or pattern of society to give security to his social endeavors. Thus the attraction which the Theosophical concept of the "White Lodge" the perfect group has had for a number of eager Libra personalities; such as Annie Besant, B. P. Wadia and a few others. Thus also the high social idealism of a Gandhi, with his Sun in Libra.
      On the other hand, the less evolved type of Librans operates at levels where human relationships are most easily formed at the level of physical attraction. Still others find their field of activity in the arts. Libra is ruled by the planet Venus and produces beautiful features and great charm. It is a symbol of culture and esthetic refinement. It is seen at work wherever the factor of form operates as a means to bring scattered elements into cohesive patterns of order and beauty.
      This factor of "form' is often little understood. Any kind of social organization, including industrial management, is based on the principle of form. Any relatively permanent relationship between two or more units means that a form or pattern has been constituted. The Night-force, in its operation throughout the Zodiac, depends upon form. There can be no "gathering together" without form. Every work of art is a formal gathering together and organization of separate units, whether these be pigments, lines, tones or physical materials. and so is a social group. Libra is the artist who dreams of ideal forms. Capricorn will make these ideal forms concrete and tangible among living men. The dream of the artist often inspires the politics of the statesman; witness Wagner's influence upon Hitler, who himself has a Libra Ascendant and is more an artist than a statesman but has the power to inspire able statesmen.

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