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New Dynamics in Astrology

by Dane Rudhyar

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2. Twelve Phase of Human Experience
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3. The Creative Release of Spirit

Part Two:
Twelve Phases of Human Experience

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Nevertheless there is something fascinating and compelling about a true Leo type showering upon large groups his solar radiance. One may be overwhelmed, as by the glare and heat of summer noons; yet, if one can find a tree in the shade of which to rest, it is a beautiful spectacle. The sun, indeed, is the great Autocrat of the solar system. Is it because he is rather a small star some occult books even say "a lost star"? Nevertheless to all that are drawn within his orb of radiation he gives generously of self and of life; though be also may kill and produce wastes, unless clouds and rains intervene to mother those whom the great Autocrat would glorify to death.
      In the Leo phase of the zodiacal cycle the Day-force is waning; but while it is waning in terms of effective manifestation, nevertheless this decrease means as well an inward withdrawal and subconscious activity. The Day-force has begun to move inward into man's subconscious; just as the Night-force had done during winter and spring. It still operates; but in a subjective and introverted manner. It takes on transcendent characteristics and in some cases, negative ones.
      Personality, which had been fulfilled in its physical and natural aspect at the summer solstice and throughout Cancer, acquires in Leo, as it were, a new dimension. Art is born, often a refuge for sensitive natures and an escape from everyday social realities; but also a transcendental and symbolic projection of the normally focused and integrated personality. The man who cannot be an autocrat or, following a modification of that urge to power, the teacher of children and receptive adults can gain social usefulness and prestige through artistic activity. In such a type of activity we find combined an unyielding individualism, the urge to be alone and self-concentrated, and the need to impress oneself upon society.
      Creative artistic expression, in as much as it uses socially accepted and traditional materials, and in proportion as it commands fame and perhaps financial support, is a socially conditioned activity. Yet it is also a means of extending one's personal selfhood inward and beyond the limitations of time. It is a means to reach personal immortality through a fame perpetuated from generation to generation; thus to negate or overcome time. And it is also a method for expanding one's own consciousness; for teaching oneself.
      The artist at his best performs a kind of yoga while creating. He is not only intensely concentrated, but the symbols be paints or the energies he rouses through tones are often real messages from his deeper Identity. In creation, the outer self (being concentrated and devoted to the task) becomes a receptive surface; just as receptive and expectant as the canvas or the piano. Therefore it can be moulded by what pours from within; by the Teacher within, the Inner Ruler.
      The main negative manifestation of the inwardly operating Day-force in Leo is an extreme of sensitiveness to anything that seems to challenge personal dignity and pride. The Day-force is waning; thus it is no longer building directly the personality. Personality expands still, but on a social basis; that is, in terms of social approval and support. Anything which tends to lessen this social sustainment seems therefore to challenge the very right of the personality to live, and causes great resentment or hurt. Thus the extreme sensibility of artists and dictators to criticism or loss of public favor. Thus the Leo type's willingness in many cases to use any means to maintain or regain such a favor; including dramatic over-statements, lies and bribery.
      Leo is the individual in his first attempt to be a social personage. And, as with any first effort, he often fails; or, for fear of failing, he overdoes and over-dramatizes situations. He has not learned yet not to want to be a master of slaves, because of his being absolutely sure he can never become a slave. Indeed, he is instinctively fighting against his subconscious fears that society might absorb and enslave him. Thus, his exaggerated attitudes and the intensity of his projections. And because he senses acutely the power of the universe and of time over his socially un-adjusted ego, he must create; and he stamps his own ego upon the world which he wills to organize in his own likeness, so that he be not lost in the onsurging tide.

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