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New Dynamics in Astrology

by Dane Rudhyar

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2. Twelve Phase of Human Experience
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3. The Creative Release of Spirit

Part Two:
Twelve Phases of Human Experience

TAURUS - Page 2 of 3

"Production" is a key-word with Taurus. Everything which Taurus touches should be productive if it is at all to be considered as significant. But production depends upon the control of the basic energies of human or earthly nature. Aries seeks only release of energy; Taurus insists on making energy productive. It puts to use the Aries energy. Productive energy — energy which is controlled and formed — is power. Thus Taurus is a power-Sign of the Zodiac. It is one of the four great moments of the year-cycle when life operates definitely and creatively in terms of power and purpose. The fifteenth degree of Taurus is, in relation to the cross formed by equinoxes and solstices, a 45-degree point of the circle — the others being Leo 15°, Scorpio 15°, and Aquarius 15°. These points are gates through which power and purpose are released and experienced. They are "alchemical" points and, in the Bible, they are symbolized respectively by the. Bull, the Lion, the Eagle and the Angel.
      Taurus is the "good earth," the bountiful Great Mother; and it can be considered as a feminine Sign. Nevertheless, strangely enough, it is represented in astrological symbolism by the Bull, and not by a female animal. This should make one careful not to overstress the passive or receptive characteristics of this Sign. It is not only a sign of strong ascendancy of the Day-force and a symbol of purposeful determination. It represents that very power which surges from the depths of inchoate substance and constantly seeks to reach the higher level at which the basic awareness in any natural organism can operate. It is the "good earth," but what we name thus is the very thin layer of the earth-surface which is susceptible of bearing a harvest of plants and trees. It is the rich, black soil (a few inches deep perhaps) without which there could be no life on earth.
      This surface layer of the earth is the place of meeting for earth-vibrations and sun-radiations. It is there that the fecundation of the earth by the solar force takes place; there that living organisms are born — whether it be in shallow sea-waters or in the humus which forms the thin layer of top-soil. Indeed, all life on our planet is only "skin-deep." Likewise all our experiences of the outside world are gained through the skin and specialized portions of its surface: the senses. The realm of the conscious is also the topmost layer of the vast Unconscious, and the rational and analytical faculties covered by the term "intellect" are again but the very last, topmost development of human consciousness. The intellect — cream of the conscious faculties which, in turn, are the cream of man's mind or intelligence — will not reveal its real possibilities until Gemini is reached; yet, this Gemini spring-harvest is largely conditioned by the Taurus soil from which it must grow, as well as by the Aries fecundating power which makes that soil fruitful.
      Taurus is the phase of life and experience in which the upreaching surge of evolution finds its most concentrated and most vocal expression. It is the fruitful surface of the earth; but that surface seen as the highest level reached by the ιlan vital — and from this surface, plants rise further to meet the sun and perform the alchemy of light. The earth reaches up through its trees whose chlorophyll captures the solar radiations, and, in the leaves, the sun's energy is chemically fixed and made usable for further evolution on this planet. Animals eat up the leaves. Tree-trunks decompose and become coal. The trees condense the moisture of the air and help in bringing down the fecundant rains; and the rains make rivers and waterfalls — whence electric power is produced.
      All power on this earth has its substantial base in the chemical action of the green plants and of their chlorophyll which is nearly identical in chemical nature to the red blood cells. Green and red: two polarities — Taurus and Aries. The former gives energy to living organisms; the latter after a further alchemical process, produces in man conscious thought — for there can be no conscious thinking on earth without red blood. Aries is a divine Visitation, a descent of power; but to Taurus belongs the substance of every new evolutionary progress, for Taurus is the symbol of that power which forever produces new organisms. Taurus' keynote is evolutionary fulfillment from the depths upward.

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