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by Dane Rudhyar, 1985

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In the immeasurable cycle of the Movement of Wholeness, a moment of supreme experience comes when, at the ever-present "meeting of the ways," the greatest Lord of Darkness challenges the most radiant Presence of Light. From the deepest regions of obscurity, the python of negative emptiness rises to the light, uncoiling its devastating power. And the combat rages.
      There can be no end to the crucial embrace, no limits to the battlefield. For, while in his supreme effort the Lord of Darkness finds his vision confused by his hateful desire to annihilate light, in the sublime love of the radiant Presence, even the deepest darkness is always included.
      There is no annihilating victory. Light and Darkness are one in an encounter that has neither beginning nor end. For Darkness can never see, and Light never ceases to love. Meaning forever rises out of the ubiquitous battlefield of Space in the eonic experience that is reality always.

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