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by Dane Rudhyar, 1985

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The Formative and Separative Operations of Mind - 3

Mind as an omnipresent formative factor
It is logical to start such an overview with the symbolic Midnight phase, because the potentiality of a new universe then takes form in the Godhead, incited by supreme Compassion for the failures of the concluding cycle. The Godhead state constitutes the extreme degree of subjectivity and unification possible during a cycle; yet such a state of being is a "situation" just as any other particular balance of power between the principles of Unity and Multiplicity. The subjective factor is not the only one active in the Godhead's experience of this extreme Midnight situation, just as the principle of Unity does not absolutely overpower the principle of Multiplicity. The subjective factor in the Godhead situation is the most sublime expression of "desire": desire as all-inclusive Compassion. But this divinely subjective impulse can only be actualized in concrete and conscious experiences when the factor of potency is simultaneously mobilized. As already stated, the once "spent" energy of the previous universe has become repotentialized between the symbolic Sunset and Midnight phases of the cycle. Everything is possible in this Godhead state. Yet what the Godhead "envisions" is that set of possibilities which will produce just the required new opportunities for the failures of the past to neutralize their ancient karma under new cosmic and planetary conditions. The Godhead's vision impregnates, as it were, the Eternal Virgin that is Space itself Space as the infinite Ocean of potentiality.
       Impregnation implies not only two polarized factors, but a process linking them. This process is the activity of Mind in its most inclusive and unified divine state the mind of wholeness in its supreme state. This mind is inherent in the Godhead experience of the symbolic Midnight of the cycle. It gives form to the divine desire for a new cosmos. But this form is still only an ideal formula of relationship connecting a multitude of possible answers to the ancient karma. The formula is an almost entirely subjective response to the divine desire. It develops gradually into a vast number of archetypes, through a process which involves the various aspects of the divine Mind aspects which have been mythologized into "celestial Hierarchies." Each Hierarchy is said to project its own characteristic nature into the womb of Space.
       A finite area is set apart or outlined as the future field of cosmic activity. It is throbbing with processes of archetypal formulation. This activity takes place before the Creative Act marking the beginning not only of the universe but of the time which provides potential rhythmic patterns for the development of the world of energy-matter. Stirring this differentiating and formulating activity of the divine Mind is the gradual ascent to power of the principle of Multiplicity. The "sooner" (from our time-sense perspective) the Creative Act is to come, the more effective that principle, and the more differentiating the activities of the Hierarchy at work. The purpose of the entire process which antedates the world of physical matter is to define basic principles of organization which will operate as structural patterns within limited fields of forces. There must be an immense number of such patterns to answer the need imposed by the karma of past failures. And there must have been many ways for free human beings to introduce disharmonic surface variations in the tidal process of the Movement of Wholeness during the "Afternoon" period of the preceding cycle.
       According to the Big Bang theory of modern astrophysics, the universe begins in a tremendous release of energy. Many religious Creation myths confirm such a single operation; yet other doctrines suggest several Creations, or rather a creative process occurring serially at several levels. Seen from the perspective of the Movement of Wholeness, there is one moment when the two opposite principles are exactly of the same strength but with the principle of Multiplicity in an aggressive kind of ascendancy. This situation would seem to provide the theoretical basis for a single creative Act. But what is meant by "creation" may refer to the initial appearance of the most primordial and undifferentiated protomatter (perhaps a superphysical kind of hydrogen). Matter, according to this cosmological outlook is energy stabilized by mind within a form. At the level of the equal relationship between the principles of Unity and Multiplicity above-mentioned, that form should be the most fundamental of all archetypal structures. It may be a kind of spiral formation, for a spiral-like type of motion is one in which the expansive power of the principle of Multiplicity has just become more powerful than the unifying principle of circularity.

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