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Your Dangerous Age by Dane Rudhyar.


by Dane Rudhyar

Here's a classic article everyone will want to read on how the study of planetary cycles can help us better understand human life-stages and the challenges and opportunities they bring.
ADDED 16 August 2007.
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Your Dangerous Age by Dane Rudhyar.

Are you passing through the dangerous age? Or, if you have been touched by continental sophistication, are you disturbed a little, at least by l'age critique and its emotional uncertainties?

You may not have heard that there is such an age, dangerous and critical. If so, you must not have read many short stories, novels, or popular psychology magazines, for so much of this literature, highbrow or popular, is concerned about what happens to the hero or heroine when he or she crosses some more or less mythical line in middle life.

A woman looks at herself in the mirror, discovers that youth is fleeting, that she has experienced so little, that she really has been waiting always, for something, someone, to do something for her, to dissolve her fears, her resistances, her neat little compartments within which she built a nice home, a lovely family, a good husband.

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