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  Introducing KhaldeaEphemeris7z

Khaldea Ephemeris
Khaldea Ephemeris The 21st Century Standard!
Its unsurpassed accuracy, unmatched precision, beautiful graphics and modern presentation makes KhaldeaEphemeris7z the new standard.

KhaldeaEphemeris7z is an electronic, PDF publication available in a 2010-2020 decade plus edition ($20.00 USD Now only $12.00).
Khaldea Ephemerisfree Quick Start Guide
The KhaldeaEphemeris7z package includes a comprehensive guide to its many unique features, listings and graphics. A Key to Symbols is also included, as well as useful links to online resources.

Special attention is given using Adobe Reader's "print dialog" for optimum results. The 6-page Guide also shows how to use and accurately read the many unique ephemeris graphics.

Khaldea Ephemeris Awesome Astro-Data
Thanks to world famous KhaldeaTechnology, our timed aspects and astro-data listings are the most accurate and precise ever published. The aspectarian includes data pertaining to planetary cycles found nowhere else. The package includes a monthly one-page conventional aspectarian and a monthly 3-page extended aspectarian.
Khaldea Ephemeris Accuracy and Design
KhaldeaEphemeris7z includes several easy-to-read and highly accurate graphics, as well as tabular listings for five coordinates and five harmonics. Annual graphics are provided for geocentric longitude, latitude, declination and speed of daily motion.

Setting the 21st Century standard, KhaldeaEphemeris7z is a synthesis of outstanding design, accuracy and precision.
Khaldea Ephemeris Five Coordinates Systems
KhaldeaEphemeris7z includes several easy-to-read and highly accurate graphics. Tabular listing pertaining to the particular coordinate system accompany monthly ephemeris graphics.

Included Coordinates:
Geocentric Longitude
Geocentric Latitude
Speed of Daily Motion
Heliocentric Distance
Khaldea Ephemeris Five Harmonic Systems
KhaldeaEphemeris7z includes several easy-to read and highly accurate graphics. Tabular listing pertaining to the particular harmonic accompany monthly ephemeris graphics.

Included Harmonics:
Works with Kindle + Tablets + Android + iDevices

KhaldeaEphemeris7z is a DRM-Free PDF which works well with Tablets, iPads, iPhones and Android devices and eBook readers, such as Kindle (pictured below) and Nook. Because the ephemeris is a scalable PDF, you can expolit your device's zoom features to smoothly magnify any part of any ephemeris page, so fine print is never a problem!

*We strongly suggest that you use the appropriate Adobe Reader for your device. Many default, non-Adobe PDF readers — such as the default Amazon Kindle PDF reader — do not render the very thorough bookmark system, which allows users to quickly jump to any ephemeris page. iPad/iPhone users and Android users may download the appropriate version of Adobe Reader here. Kindle users can freely download Adode Reader from the App Store.

To install the ephemeris PDF on a Kindle or Android device, but we have found the best way to install and use the ephemeris is to download the pdf file first to your PC or MAC. Then take the small cable which came with your device, connect the USB plug at one end of the cable to your computer and the smaller, microUSB plug to your device, next download the file from your PC or MAC to the "Document" folder of your Kindle or Android device. Once downloaded into the document folder, the Ephemeris should show on the device's Carousel.
If Adobe Reader isn't your default PDF reader, it is strongly recommended that you first open the ephemeris file using the Adobe Reader app. Using Adobe Reader first to open the file assures that you will be able to use it easily to open the file in the future. Again, if you are unable to access the extensive bookmark system, please get the Adobe Reader app.

Khaldea7z Ephemeris is Now Faster & Easier!

KhaldeaEphemeris7z is now delivered as a DRM-Free PDF, it does not require an activiation key. Immediately after purchasing the Ephemeris file (use the Buy Now button to the right) you will receive an email with a secure link to use to download the PDF. The link is good for 24 hours and two downloads.

To download and install for PC/MAC: simply click the download link provided in the conformation email, save the PDF file to your hardrive, and finally create a desktop icon for the file — and you're ready to start using the Ephemeris!

Image is trademark of Michael R. Meyer
  The Original

Still FREE Online! The Original 3,000 Year Online Ephemeris. You can still use our free KhaldeaEphemeris in a 3,000 Year longitude only edition. See this month's Ephemeris.

KhaldeaEphemeris7z is protected by U.S. and International Copyright. Publishers interested in licensing data and custom graphics produced by our unsuprassed KhaldeaTechnology should contact permissions@khaldea.com

For user support, contact support@khaldea.com

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