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About Zodiacal Abstracts

In the Zodiacal Abstract Series, the artist attempts to give image to the 12 primordial patterns of energy and dynamic processes which constitutes the universal matrix known as the zodiac.

"In this series of Abstraction," Michael R. Meyer states, "layers of animism, vitalism, totemism, geometric contrivance and personification are striped away in an attempt to represent the pure essence of zodiacal energies. The zoological types are not the real zodiacal energies, but merely convenient totems ancient people used to encapsulate what they could understand of primordial zodiacal energies. They had to use totems because they couldnít understand or work directly with the real energies condensed in the universal matrix of the zodiac. Today, in our post-quantum era, we need to attempt to tune into the core zodiacal energies, energies free of zoological characterizations and personifications."

The Zodiacal Abstracts are a pure representation of Modern Art, especially of the geometric abstraction which grew out of the quantum revolution of the late-nineteenth and early-twentieth centuries, a revolution of mind and spirit which encouraged artists such as Kandinsky and others to work with pure energy forms. "Considering the popularity of astrology among artists," Michael observes, "itís interesting abstract geometric zodiacal images have not been attempted previously."

The artist considers his work as "Sacred Art," not unlike the Yantras, Mandalas and Thankgas of India and Tibet. "Tune into the images," Meyer states. "They are to be felt and meditated upon. Form, color and dynamic act together to precipitate a shift of mood and consciousness. One can feel the energy as it moves through one." The Zodiacal Abstracts Series is a part of a continuum which includes the work of Wassily Kandinsky, Joan Miro, Matta, Will Henry Stevens, John Sennhauser and members of the Santa Fe Transcendental Painting Group, such as Raymond Jonson, Emil Bisttram and Dane Rudhyar.

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